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My first magical seahorse encounter

Surreal. Magical. Odd. Those three words immediately jumped to mind when I saw my very first seahorse in the wild. I have been working for Project Seahorse for ten years as a Research Biologist, but my work has been mainly office-based in Vancouver. This May I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my director, Dr Amanda Vincent, while she was in Southern France on sabbatical and one of the first things we did was dive for seahorses.… Read more

Women Fish

By Danika Kleiber (Originally posted on IUCN Save our Species) Historically, the role of gender in marine fisheries has not been evaluated in terms of conservation implications. But that is changing. As part of her PhD thesis Dr Danika Kleiber worked with Professor Amanda Vincent, Director of Project Seahorse and Chair of the IUCN Species …

An itty-bitty “sea foal”

For April we’re showcasing an itty-bitty “sea-foal,” submitted by iSeahorse user Shane Gross. He happened upon this bobble-headed cutie in the Bahamas. It looks like it might be a baby slender seahorse (Hippocampus reidi), but it’s hard to say for sure at this age. While the fry of different seahorses are often difficult to tell …

Amanda Vincent wins FSBI’s Le Cren Medal

Story originally posted by UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Dr. Amanda Vincent, Professor in the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries has been awarded the Le Cren medal by the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI). This medal is awarded to one or more individuals who have made a lifelong contribution to …

Celebrating the Kings (and Queens)* of the Ria Formosa, Portugal

Everything started when I began surfing at Clube de Surfe Faro (in the Algarve, Portugal). During summer activities at the club, we went snorkelling in the Ria Formosa and our instructor told us about the seahorses that lived there and how the seahorses were in danger. I then had an idea to save the seahorses so that we could always live with these magnificent creatures, but how could I put this idea into practice? When I started at my new school in September, I found out that we were going to celebrate the Day of the Animal. The school chose the seahorse. My school is also part of a wider school project called the ‘Blue Project’ which helps us to learn more about the ocean and sea creatures.… Read more

Denise’s pygmy seahorse:- a champion hide-and-seeker

This month’s featured iSeahorse observation highlights a champion hide-and-seeker, Denise’s pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus denise), courtesy of iSeahorse user maractwin. With their petite size and puppy dog eyes, they seem more like seadogs than seahorses. That adorable face kind of blows its cover, but imagine how seamlessly this fish would blend in with its back turned! In fact, the photographer nearly missed out on snapping the shot, as he didn’t even realize it was there until his dive guide pointed it out to him.… Read more