Current team

We are led by Amanda Vincent, Heather Koldewey and Sarah Foster.

At any given time, we have only a few other core staff. Much of our strength comes from international collaborations or our institutional teams. We depend heavily on in-country staff, graduate students from around the world, undergraduate students, volunteers and interns.


Prof. Amanda Vincent, Director
Prof. Heather Koldewey, Co-founder
Dr. Sarah Foster, Program Leader

Research Associates

Dr. Miguel Correia, Syngnathid Biologist


Sydney Ascione, Research Assistant
Regina Bestbier, Research Biologist | Communications Coordinator
Roshni Mangar, Research Assistant
Le Nghiem, Wildlife Trade Researcher

Partnership Staff

Chai Apale, Program Leader, Philippines Seahorse Program (ZSL-Philippines)

Honorary Research Associates

Dr. Lindsay Aylesworth (USA)
Dr. Lucy Woodall (UK)
Dr. Xiong Zhang (China)


Elsa Camins, MSc Student
Joana de Capitani, PhD Student
Marta Flotats, PhD Student
Adam Hicks, MSc Student
Pax Templeton, MSc Student

Student staff

Nathan Mao, Work Learn Student
Vania Vaniartha, Work Learn Student
Jerry Wong, Work Learn Student

[Updated 15 May 2023]