FAQs about Dr. Amanda Vincent, Marine Conservationist

Thank you for interest in our work, and specifically in Dr Vincent.  This page is intended to help students who have many questions about what it takes to be a marine conservationist. Here you will find all sorts of information about Dr Vincent, and her work in marine conservation.   All the best with your project!

Dr. Amanda Vincent, our director and co-founder, is the first marine conservationist to win the prestigious Indianapolis Prize – the world’s top animal conservation prize.

School projects and other general enquiries

With regret, I am not able to respond to the many emails I receive asking me to help or engage with a school project or with other broad enquiries.  This page will direct you to some resources that might help.

Why can’t I help directly ?

Well, my main priority is to ensure that coastal oceans are healthy.  That’s a big job and there aren’t so many people working on it.  All of us absolutely need to keep focused on the huge challenge of looking after species and spaces.  [It would be great if you found a way to help out, too.  See below.] In particular, I lead the global group responsible for seahorse and pipefish conservation, and these fishes need a lot of attention and support.  If I responded to every email, I would never get to the big stuff.  So I have to say no.

I do enormously value everybody’s interest in the ocean and in my team’s work.  And I already do lots of mentoring and teaching at the university and beyond.  I have a particular interest in helping colleagues in developing countries where they face enormous challenges with overfishing and bad management.  I just can’t stretch too thin without becoming ineffectual.  I also think people learn better when they search for information in several places and put it together in a new way, rather than just getting one person’s opinion.  To help with that, I can suggest some places to learn more.

Places to learn more

Project Seahorse  www.projectseahorse.org

Seahorses and pipefishes  iucn-seahorse.org

Why seahorses? www.projectseahorse.org/saving-seahorses

#EndBottomTrawling www.projectseahorse.org/endtrawling

Other videos about my work:

2016 Indianapolis Prize Finalist – Amanda Vincent

2010 Indianapolis Prize Finalist – Amanda Vincent

My background and my work

• My online profile: www.projectseahorse.org/amanda-vincent
• Synchronicity Earth: A driving force for ocean conservation
• Research2Reality Q & A:  ”We have no choice but to care”

Ways you can help

[Updated 27 October 2021]