Guylian Belgian Chocolates

Guylian logo the world favourite Belgian ChocolatesWe are so grateful to Guylian Chocolates Belgium for their generous and unfailing support for more than two decades.

Guylian’s commitment to product excellence, corporate social responsibility and sustainability is truly impressive and we greatly value this collaboration. As a global company with roots in a family business, Guylian wonderfully matched Project Seahorse in size, scope, ethos and commitment to the ocean.

We take pride in sharing many of our successes with Guylian. The Project Seahorse / Guylian partnership dates from 1998  until 2022 and embraced many elements and activities. Guylian was marvellously generous in donating approximately 100,000 euros in unrestricted funds every year. Those contributions underpinned virtually all of the Project Seahorse work for the past two decades, allowing us to mobilise funds to meet commitments, grasp opportunities and fill gaps as they occur. In addition, the Project Seahorse / Guylian partnership led to many joint outreach initiatives from photographic, video and story competitions to messaging on packages and at display booths. We also greatly appreciated guidance from Guylian leadership on communications and organizational development… and other forms of in-kind support and advice.

We are grateful.


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[Updated 12 January 2023]