Short-snouted seahorse (H. hippocampus) Playa Chica, Lanzarote. Photo by Janny Bosman / Guylian Seahorses of the World.


Seahorses are flagship species

Charismatic symbols of the seagrasses, mangroves, coral reefs, estuaries and seaweeds where they make their homes, seahorses need to be protected for ecological, biological, economic, and medical reasons. They are important predators on bottom-dwelling organisms; removing them may disrupt ecosystems.

Seahorses are quirky fishes notable for their odd shapes, male pregnancy and faithful pairings. About 46 species, from tiny to large, live along the world’s tropical and temperate coastlines.

Learn more about these fabulous fish – explore all 46 species profiles, discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about seahorses, and learn how to identify them.

H. japapigu. Photo by Richard Smith /
H. kuda. Photo by Gino Symus / Guylian Seahorses of the World
[Updated 22 February 2022]

[Updated 15 May 2023]