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iSeahorse: Landings Trends Toolkit

Surveying wild seahorse landings in support of conservation Download pdf This toolkit is aimed at stakeholders with a basic knowledge of local fisheries — researchers, government officers, conservation groups, fishers — who want to monitor seahorse landings with the aim of understanding trends in seahorse populations over time. This monitoring can be done as a …

Understanding tradeoffs in fishers decision making: catch, distance, and safety influence where fishers fish

Selgrath J.C., Kleiber, D. & K.P. O’Donnell (2014). Understanding Tradeoffs in Fishers Decision Making: Catch, Distance, and Safety Influence Where Fishers Fish. In: McConney, P., R. Medeiros, and M. Pena (eds). Enhancing Stewardship in Small-Scale Fisheries: Practices and Perspectives. Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) and Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. CERMES Technical Report No. 73. pp 162. more