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MPAs in the Philippines: Ever more; ever better

MPA+Workshop+outputs_2011Dec07+FINAL_1 Project Seahorse will unite with its partners to determine how we can speed up the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs) throughout the Philippines and ensure that they are forever successful. We will coordinate a discussion-workshop in which we will share results from over 30 studies addressing the cultural, social, economic and biophysical need …

Reconciling fisheries with conservation on coral reefs: the world as an onion

Multiple layers of political and socioeconomic pressure bear down on the fish and fishers in coral reef ecosystems, where conservation and fisheries often come into great conflict. This paper draws on conversations with members of an alliance of small-scale fishers in the central Philippines, and on their experiences, in order to explore ideas for reconciling …

Spatial genetic patterns in the Hippocampus barbouri species group (Teleostei: Syngnathidae) across the Coral Triangle

As with many fish species, seahorses (genus Hippocampus) attain their highest species richness in Southeast Asia/Australasia. It is likely that the complex geological history of the region and the effects of Pleistocene sea-level changes have contributed to this diversification. Since seahorses are presumed to be low dispersing, relative to many other marine species, they are …

Community-based management for a sustainable seahorse fishery

Vincent, A.C.J., & Pajaro, M.G. (1997). Community-based management for a sustainable seahorse fishery. In Developing and sustaining world fisheries resources–the state of science and management. 2nd world fisheries congress (pp. 761-766).… Read more