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Combining interdisciplinary approaches to evaluate policies on bottom trawl fisheries in China over seven decades

Abstract: Quantitatively evaluating policy effectiveness is vital to evidence-based decision making. Such analysis is, however, rare in natural resource management. We here initiate a novel framework that integrates econometric models, ecological approaches, and novel performance indices. Our focus lies in regulations of bottom trawl fisheries (BTF), a destructive form of exploitation that is executed globally, …

The catch and export of the seahorse trade in the Philippines, pre-CITES

In 2004, global seahorse trade fell under the auspices of CITES, requiring all signatories to regulate international trade for sustainability, and in the Philippines resulted in a complete ban on seahorse extraction. Pre-CITES official data was scarce but preliminary surveys in 1995 suggested that the Philippines was an important seahorse supplier. To assesses the Philippines …