Diversity in the marine environment

The paucity of our knowledge of marine organisms and ecosystems is becoming an ever more acute problem as we struggle to ensure the health of marine environments, which now face a formidable array of problems. A recent meeting on the causes and consequences of marine biodiversity (30 August-2 September 1994, York University, UK) went some way towards elucidating general patterns that may help us to respond to threats as varied as overfishing, dumping, silting, dredging and mining. This excellent meeting gathered together about 150 marine scientists from very different traditions and disciplines: biological oceanographers, taxonomists, fisheries scientists, behavioural ecologists, geneticists and conservation biologists came together with those responsible for marine policy in government agencies and NGOs to produce a happy mixture of expertise and interests.

Clark, A. & A.C.J Vincent (1995). Diversity in the marine environment. Trends in Ecology and Evolution10, 55-55. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0169-5347(00)88975-2