Seahorses: magical creatures in our backyard

Seahorses: Magical Creatures in Our Backyard” aims to build awareness about seahorses and other syngnathids in Biscayne National Park and inspire residents of Miami-Dade County (FL, USA) to take action to protect the park and their oceans. Charismatic symbols of the seagrasses, mangroves, reefs and estuaries they call home, seahorses are flagship species for a wide range of marine conservation issues in Biscayne National Park (from water quality to plastics and other marine debris to habitat damage from boats, jet skis and other watercraft).

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Stump, E., L. Aylesworth, Bestbier, R.X., Finestone, S., Stanton, L.M. & A.C.J. Vincent (2017). Seahorses: magical creatures in our backyard. Project Seahorse Conservation Outreach Toolkit. Launched 3 April 2017.