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A comprehensive database of Project Seahorse outputs

The International Trade in Seahorses

The rapidly growing trade in seahorses Hippocampus spp. for medicines, aquarium pets, and curios has not hitherto been investigated. This report synthesises findings about the exploitation of seahorses and considers actual and possible effects on wild populations. Its goal is to promote conservation and management initiatives to ensure the survival of seahorse populations, while recognising … Read more The International Trade in Seahorses

Reproductive ecology of seahorses

Seahorses provide an ideal opportunity to test our understanding of the evolution of sex differences because of their unique specialization for parental care. Male seahorses undergo a lengthy “pregnancy” during which developing embryos are aerated, osmoregulated and nourished in an abdominal pouch, while females provide no care. In most animals, females limit male reproductive rate … Read more Reproductive ecology of seahorses