Syngnathid husbandry in public aquariums 2005 manual

Seahorses, pipefishes and seadragons are marine fishes found globally which belong to the family Syngnathidae. These fishes are very popular within the public aquarium and the hobbyist communities. Historically seahorses were considered very difficult to maintain in a captive environment, but continued efforts by hobbyist and professional aquarium staff have resulted in the development of techniques that now enable aquarists to maintain and reproduce seahorse species successfully. However, there are still difficulties with seahorse husbandry, and although the life cycle for some species has been closed, we are still a long way from understanding all of the husbandry requirements and health management practices for many seahorse species.

Koldeway, H.J. (2005). Syngnathid husbandry in public aquariums 2005 manual. Project Seahorse, London, UK.