Thorny seahorse (Hippocampus histrix) by Jean-Claude Vanderwal / Guylian Seahorses of the World

Saving seahorses means saving the ocean 保护海马就是保护海洋


保护海马就是保护海洋”项目旨在动员和帮助中国的组织和机构拯救珍稀濒危动物海马. 中国的海马和海洋,正面临着被广泛使用的非选择性和破坏性渔具(如底层拖网)的严重威胁. 以底层拖网为代表的这类渔网不仅造成过度捕捞,而且导致珊瑚群和海草床等海底 森林的“荒漠化”. 2017 年11月份,海马保育团队的主任阿曼达·文森特(Amanda Vincent)博士和团队的中 国海马项目负责人、博士研究生张雄,将一起到访中国. 他们将与中国的海洋与渔业相关 单位的政府官员,和海洋保护公益人士进行广泛交流,揭示中国海马和海洋受底层拖网等 的严重危害,促成各方一起努力开展中国海马的保护工作. 我们这里提供了一系列的资料和工具箱,专供中国有志于海马及海洋保护的业内人士参考, 用以促成中国的决策者尽快在中国海域内禁止底层拖网等网具的使用. 通过这里进入我 们的工具箱.

“Saving seahorses means saving the ocean” aims to mobilize Chinese organizations and institutions to save their rare, treasured and protected seahorses. Chinese seahorses and its ocean are heavily threatened by non-selective and destructive fishing gears that are now widely used in the nation. These gears like bottom trawlers not only cause overfishing but also desertify the ‘underwater forests’ such as coral reefs and seagrass beds.

In November 2017, Amanda Vincent, Director, Project Seahorse, and our PhD Candidate, Xiong Zhang, will be visiting China to engage with Chinese Oceans and Fisheries officials, and conservationists, to alert them to the threats faced by protected seahorses and China’s ocean by non-selective and destructive fishing, and together map a way forward.

We have developed an array of resources for like-minded organizations to use while engaging with policy-makers to end the practice of non-selective and destructive fishing such as bottom trawling.  Access our online Toolkit of resources here.

海马保育团队(Project Team)

以下几位团队成员参与了本活动:阿曼达·文森特(Amanda Vincent), 张雄 (Xiong Zhang), 里贾纳·贝斯比尔(Regina Bestbier), 斯科特·范思彤 (Scott Finestone).

The following Project Seahorse team members are involved in developing and executing this campaign: Amanda Vincent, Xiong Zhang, Regina Bestbier and Scott Finestone.

项目资助方(Project Sponsor)

Disney Conservation Fund Logo

本活动的开展得益于迪斯尼保育基金Disney Conservation Fund)的慷慨资助. 迪斯尼 保育基金是迪斯尼公司致力于地球保护和帮助儿童培养终生保育价值观的重要支柱. 该基 金资助如下几个方面:野生动物的保育研究, 栖息地保护,在关键生态系统中建立社区保 育和教育工程, 帮助世界儿童与自然进行沟通的户外体验活动.

This campaign is made possible through the generous support of the Disney Conservation Fund (DCF).  DCF is a key pillar in Disney’s efforts to protect the planet and help kids develop lifelong conservation values. The fund supports the study of wildlife; the protection of habitats; the development of community conservation and education programs in critical ecosystems; and experiences that connect kids to nature across the globe.


[Updated 1 November 2017]