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Citizen scientists contribute vital information about 35 seahorse species: their geographic ranges, habitats, and pregnancy seasonality

Thanks to diligent observers, seahorses, those enigmatic and charismatic fish, are not only being discovered in new habitats and expanded geographic ranges, they are also being found at new ocean depths. While their capacity for male pregnancy has long fascinated people, new information on sex ratio and pregnancy seasonality has been discovered by, well, you.… Read more

Celebrating the Kings (and Queens)* of the Ria Formosa, Portugal

Everything started when I began surfing at Clube de Surfe Faro (in the Algarve, Portugal). During summer activities at the club, we went snorkelling in the Ria Formosa and our instructor told us about the seahorses that lived there and how the seahorses were in danger. I then had an idea to save the seahorses so that we could always live with these magnificent creatures, but how could I put this idea into practice? When I started at my new school in September, I found out that we were going to celebrate the Day of the Animal. The school chose the seahorse. My school is also part of a wider school project called the ‘Blue Project’ which helps us to learn more about the ocean and sea creatures.… Read more

Denise’s pygmy seahorse:- a champion hide-and-seeker

This month’s featured iSeahorse observation highlights a champion hide-and-seeker, Denise’s pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus denise), courtesy of iSeahorse user maractwin. With their petite size and puppy dog eyes, they seem more like seadogs than seahorses. That adorable face kind of blows its cover, but imagine how seamlessly this fish would blend in with its back turned! In fact, the photographer nearly missed out on snapping the shot, as he didn’t even realize it was there until his dive guide pointed it out to him.… Read more