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With applause comes responsibility

In 2000, I was given one of the best awards in marine conservation, a Pew Fellowship.  It came with generous funding, which we applied towards work on non-food fisheries and towards obtaining the first global export controls on marine fishes (for seahorses) under CITES.  It also came with the most wonderful gift of a meeting each year.  But not your ordinary meeting…

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Big ideas in Bengaluru

I was excited to be the opening keynote speaker at the Student Conference on Conservation Science in Bengaluru/Bangalore.  Hundreds of aspiring conservationists from South Asia and a few from farther afield gather each year to share professional hopes and nurture ambitious dreams.  I’d already played a similar role with the sister SCCS meeting in Cambridge, UK a few years back and knew just how much fun it was to be plunged into this swirling, and very clever, mass of aspiration and enthusiasm.… Read more

Experts to boost marine conservation in the Philippines

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES — On June 27-29, 2011, leading international and Filipino scientists and resource managers will meet in Cebu City to address one of the Philippines’ most intractable problems: how best to protect the nation’s internationally significant waters against rampant overexploitation. Organized by Project Seahorse Foundation (PSF), the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Workshop will …