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Despite export bans global seahorse trade continues

National legislation as well as bans under the international CITES agreement not slowing the trade in seahorse products Story originally posted by UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Many countries are engaged in a vast illegal and unrecorded international trade in seahorses, one that circumvents global regulations, according to a new UBC study that …

Searching for clues in the catch and trade of seahorses in Viet Nam

This story begins in 1995 with Amanda Vincent and Marivic Pajaro uncovering a global seahorse trade of more than 15 million animals per year. Until then Viet Nam was reportedly a supplier of dried seahorses but little was known about the nature or magnitude of the trade, not to mention the status of the seven species of seahorses found along the shores of Viet Nam.… Read more

Reliving the joys of CITES

My mind keeps dancing back to ten momentous days in September/October last year, when the world came together in Johannesburg, South Africa to figure out how best to look after trade in endangered species.  So much got done and so much remains to be done.  The conference in Johannesburg was really all about helping guide the 182 countries that are members of CITES  to take active measures for conservation.  Sarah Foster  and I were part of the powerful IUCN  delegation, providing the technical information that might influence countries’ decisions.… Read more

Where conservation happens

I am tired. So. Very. Tired. And as I sit here on the plane heading back to Canada from South Africa, a childhood rhyme is playing through my head… “Slowly, slowly, very slowly, creeps the garden snail…slowly, slowly, very slowly up the garden trail…”. Such was the pace of the 17th meeting of the CITES …