Project Seahorse Banca, Danajon Bank, Bohol, Philippines. Photo by Michael Ready / iLCP

Partner with Project Seahorse

Project Seahorse seeks allies, partners and donors for our projects and our program. We are an award-winning team that achieves a huge amount, using innovation and strategy. As ever, we work simultaneously with seahorses and with the broad issues that affect their conservation, constantly marrying research and action into effective change.

We have a rich slate of projects (download PDF) ready to go as soon as resources allow. Your engagement and contributions could make all the difference. We would be delighted to explore ideas with you.  See below for specific partnership opportunities.

Our current priorities

We are ready to embark on new field studies to discover core knowledge about the biology and ecology of seahorse species – most have never been studied – that will affect survival of their populations. We also need funding to apply our new findings to national and global conservation assessments.

We execute this work primarily though student projects. Please check back for ways you can help advance this essential work.

We are set to build capacity for rapid responses to imminent threats to seahorses. As the hosts of the IUCN SSC Seahorse, Pipefish and Seadragon Specialist Group, we seek funds to marshal this global expertise for co-ordinated conservation:

We are using iconic seahorses to convince countries to establish and strengthen new MPAs that will be broadly beneficial. With more resources, we can support countries in establishing MPAs that exclude trawling from large areas and help meet their obligations to CITES.

Our highest priority is to draw together diverse sectors into a compelling alliance to phase out these most destructive of fishing gears. We have a well-developed program of action, involving new fact finding, significant outreach to the public and decision-makers, and diverse policy change.

We are primed to expand our world-class field investigations into sales of seahorses, the first marine fishes for which export trade has been regulated globally. We will prioritize countries where illegal trade is threatening wild populations and undermining CITES.

We will work with CITES to increase its capacity to address unsustainable and illegal trade of the species that it stewards. Our long history of effective collaboration with CITES means we are wonderfully placed to promote new ways forward for the Convention.

We need to take our iSeahorse partnership with iNaturalist to a new level, marshalling more people to contribute their knowledge. We are then poised to convert that knowledge into local and global action for MPAs, trawl exclusion and trade controls.

You could make a vast difference to the entire Project Seahorse program by supporting our essential staff positions, including our program leader and communications co-ordinator.

Funding these position will allow Project Seahorse to go forward with good management, strong leadership and continue our all-important work of communicating our messages, and receiving input from others.

[Updated 10 June 2021]

[Updated 13 June 2021]