Traditional medicine display. Photo by Project Seahorse

Options for Action

Key actions you can take to help regulate trade.

We also encourage you to take action to support saving seahorses, establishing protected areas and limiting fisheries. A full list of ways you can help save seahorses and save the seas can be found here.

Partner with Project Seahorse

We are primed to expand our world-class field investigations into sales of seahorses, the first marine fishes for which export trade has been regulated globally. We will prioritize countries where illegal trade is threatening wild populations and undermining CITES.

We will work with CITES to increase its capacity to address unsustainable and illegal trade of the species that it stewards. Our long history of effective collaboration with CITES means we are wonderfully placed to promote new ways forward for the Convention.

Drive societal change

Project Seahorse is actively engaged in many of these issues (marked *), and would be delighted to discuss how your contributions could help us effect change.

Fishes are often treated solely as economic commodities. Yet the trade in marine wildlife is depleting populations and must be regulated at sustainable levels. In addition, initiatives to control illegal wildlife trade, on national and global scales, must embrace marine species in their efforts.

It seems self-evident that, if laws and regulations are decided, they must also be respected. Failure to implement makes a mockery of the legislation or restriction, and undermines the agency that created it. Ideally people comply with laws but enforcement is usually also necessary.

Agreements among nations offer vital opportunities to advance conservation for our global ocean. We urge action on national commitments including on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, environmental Conventions (e.g. CITES, Convention on Biological Diversity) and regional fisheries accords. IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations are often pioneering and need full engagement from all 1450 member organizations.

Take individual steps

Ask all elected officials and all candidates for office (coastal and inland) about their ocean platform and policy. If they don’t have one, then asking will provoke them to think about it. If they do have one, consider voting for them!

Communicate with elected officials on issues that matter to you.  Contact government agencies and resource management bodies about issues that concern you. Request action, monitor their responses and hold them accountable.  Praise and publicise effective engagement.

Build an army of ocean warriors by exciting and engaging people with the marvels of marine life and the magic of marine communities. Learn and share in as many ways as possible.

As journalists, influencers, journal editors, teachers… ask yourself if you are treating marine conservation fairly. Remember that the ocean provides 99% of the living space on Earth.
How much time are you allocating to marine news and issues?

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As well…. please donate to Project Seahorse if you can. We already punch way above our weight and have wonderful ideas of what to do next, with great partners. We just need a few more people to help move things along, and project funds to get things done. We hugely value funding and other resources, including donations in kind. Tax receipts will be issued for eligible donations.

[Updated 10 May 2024]

[Updated 15 June 2021]