Project Seahorse team in the Philippines in late 1990's. Photo by Project Seahorse

Who We Are

Project Seahorse is an alliance of individuals, bound by a common commitment to a shared mission and ethos for marine conservation.

Our team

We come from many and diverse countries, working to ensure that our perspectives and approaches are inclusive and respectful.

We are an extremely lean team, punching far above our weight. We are proud of using absolutely all funding very effectively, whether little (small personal donations) or large (from private enterprise, government and foundations). We draw our strength from excellent leadership, international and in-country staff, and inspiring students. We are also grateful to superb donors and sponsors and a series of wonderful volunteers and interns.

Our homes

We are anchored in two outstanding institutions: The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in the UK. These two organizations provide the facilities and administrative frameworks for our programs, guaranteeing our intellectual rigour, ethical commitments and financial integrity. Between the two institutions, we have legal charitable status in Canada, USA, UK, and Hong Kong SAR.

Our leaders

Project Seahorse was co-founded through an agreement by Dr. Amanda Vincent, Dr. Heather Koldewey and Dr. Helen Stanley (who later changed professions). Dr. Sarah Foster is now the third leader of Project Seahorse, having first started with Project Seahorse as a volunteer in 2001.

Our global reach

Our team members have been active in six continents around the world. We have had our own field teams in Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Thailand, USA, and Viet Nam. Our surveys on seahorse fisheries and trade extend globally, including most coastal countries in Asia, many in Latin America and some in Africa.

Project Seahorse had its own Foundation in the Philippines from 2003. The Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation was an entirely Filipino team and is responsible for most of our frontline successes in communities and governance in the Philippines. In 2015, PSF operations and endeavours were brought under ZSL Philippines for ease of management. Conservation work by former PSF team members continues to create pride and admiration in Project Seahorse.

Our mentoring

In addition to PSF in the Philippines, Project Seahorse is proud of having trained and mentored approximately 176 people as they build professional experience and skills in conservation, as well as having taught many students in university conservation courses.

Project Seahorse is an active conservation team, with no capacity to provide funds for other group’s projects, no matter how worthwhile.

[Updated 10 June 2021]

[Updated 5 May 2021]